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* Direct Sales * Micro-Enterprises * New Products 
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  Entrepreneurs EXPO   
center hall, around fountain
412 W 14 Mile, Troy, MI 48083
Saturdays 10a-7p  * set up 8a
   March 16, October 19, 2019
       1.  Location Location Location ! 
       2.   Great opportunity
       3.   Saturday Busiest Shopping day        
*  Up to 50% more shoppers cold weather months.

Exclusive Exhibitors 
One rep from each brand every event
No competitors same event

All Entrepreneurs to attend, print 2 copies of CONTRACT on paper.  Complete and mail with check or money order   

Mail check with full payment if less than 90 days before event.

Pay online Eventbrite.  
Mail in CONTRACT US Mail in advance for mall approval and to list with insurance.  

Are you an Entrepreneur?
EXPO Michigan
Advertise * Exhibit * Market * Promote * Sell
center hall of Oakland Mall, near fountain, main entrance too!
Show It!   What do you do?

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1.  Fill in, send 1 US Mail
2.  Fill in, bring contract printed on paper
3.  Mall late fee $10 no contract
Entrepreneurs EXPO

Oakland Mall, Troy, Michigan:  March 16 & October 19, 2019

  60 tables set up in center hall of Oakland Mall
  near fountain and main entrance hallway too.
  Includes: eight foot table, chairs, matching white cloths
  Each table $99

  Set up inside store at Oakland Mall
  March 16 & October 19, 2019
  Inside store on first floor near popcorn booth.
  Everyone, bring your own table, chairs, nice floor length     
  table cloths required.  Mall rents table cloths $15 day.
  Please, no sheet, towels, blankets.  Nice table cloths only.
  Enter main entrance on 14 Mile Road, opens 8 am.
  Space inside store, first floor $49 each

 Small Business MARKETPLACE
Oakland Mall, Troy, Michigan 48083

Saturday & Sunday, mall hours

Reserve space for your business.
Space about 8ft x 8ft, average 64 sq ft
Bring a table, chairs, nice floor length table cloth.
Please, no sheets, towels or blankets.
Nice table cloths only

Set up your business for a month.
Saturdays, Sundays only!
$299 month, 8 dates
$325 month, 9 dates
       $349 month, 10, 11 dates

Establish your brand, business, products, services.
Gain community credibility.

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Send check or money order with filled in Contract
save ticket service fees.